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Joe, Chris, Alf, Raf and/or the occasional guest catch up on current events and shoot the chet on topics ranging from local happenings, to the greatest and latest Hollywood sci-fi films, games, cars, comedy, and much more.




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Episode 37 – Monkey Strike Beastly Offensive

beast monkey · Episode 37 – Monkey Strike Beastly Offensive Beast Monkey’s Joe & Alf, catch up on the events of the past week and shoot the chet on topics


CHRIS MARLTON: Election Directions

Check out Chris’ latest article inside the new BMA Mag issue.


Episode 36 – Bingeworthy

beast monkey · Episode 36 – Bingeworthy Beast Monkey’s Joe & Alf, catch up on the events of the past week and shoot the chet on topics ranging from local


CHRIS MARLTON: Novak Country for Bold Men

Check out Chris’ latest article at BMA.


On Jodorowsky’s DUNE

The boys and I (Alf), have been discussing the turn of events that transpired with Jodorowsky’s DUNE adaptation of late. Here I outline why I think that Jodo’s version would

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Beast Monkey's Patron Saint - Oscar Isaac image

Beast Monkey’s resident patron saint

The Beast Monkey crew proudly claims and acknowledges the patronage of our most blessed and beloved Saint in-residence, the revered and impeccable Oscar Isaac, who is all, and in all.

May his care and blessings forever rain down upon us and our listeners this day and until the end of time.

Joe & Chris deliver a juicy and Sweight listening experience that delves into the undercurrent of late 2010’s pop culture while remaining accessible and endearing. Have a dance… or two.

– Bjork2

11 July 2018


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Meet the Beast Monkey Crew

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(AKA Zasa)

Joe is a busy and accomplished professional with a deep love of cars, mountain bikes, fitness & nutrition, absolutely loves dogs, music, audiobooks food, coffee, and gaming when time allows.

Bollywood & Your Name (2016)

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(AKA Chris)

Chris, a hard-working mofreshional by day, and an intrepid comedian by night. He enjoys films, comedy, books, music, podcasts, Nintendo games, cars, and also loves dogs to bits.

Being associated with disliking things.

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Alf (DigitalCHET) photo

(AKA DigitalCHET)

Alf is a creative individual.
A graphic designer by profession and aspiration, a lover of games, film, TV shows, music, podcasts, the arts, wildlife, coffee, food, & cooking, and the visual creative talent behind the Beast Monkey crew.

Driving & NuTrek


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(AKA Meat Shell)

Rafa is a creative professional working in video/audio production within the CBR music scene as producer/promoter of global sounds.
A lover of film, music & all things visual, especially those that seek to transcend our liminal meat-shells.

Dairy products & Eurocentric worldviews of history.

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